Kathy Bills


Janine, Colyton

"Famous garden designer Gertrude Jekyll said that there was no more difficult task for a designer than designing a garden for a small site because of the limitations of size, shape and the planting options available. These were certainly the limitations we were faced with in designing a garden for our home, and we depended on Kathy's skills and vision to design us a garden that worked within these boundaries, but was beautiful nonetheless. We presented Kathy with an oddly shaped section, a number of established trees in inconvenient spots, and a long list of plants and design features we could not live without. We wanted a formal kitchen/herb garden fitted into an awkward existing space; a berry garden; somewhere for larger crops like corn and potatoes; an orchard; a woodland garden; a shrubby border; lots of roses; gardens to settle our relocated house into its environment; a lawn for family games of cricket; a sandpit; space for the trampoline; formal clipped hedges; and plenty of flowers suitable for cutting. The seemingly impossible task of creating a plan that would incorporate all of these requirements did not phase her at all. She left our first meeting armed with my demanding list of requirements without blinking an eye. I knew that she had everything in hand when she sent us a design brief that made sense of everything we had discussed. Kathy designed us a beautiful garden that ticked every box on our list. She has the wonderful ability to see past the limitations of existing plantings and structures to come up with a fresh vision of the space. Kathy's skill was to start with a list of the details and to fit them all into a strong overall design that suited the house, the available space, our budget, and our lifestyle."

Nigel and Catherine, Koro Koro.

"Kathy has prepared landscape designs for three properties we have owned. We keep getting her back because she listens and understands our needs which have been different for each property. Her creative style and practical approach has helped us to transform our properties into attractive family homes with excellent outdoor spaces. Having a landscape plan has really helped us to save money by investing in the right plants and to successfully develop our properties."